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A Remarkable Name To Get The Best Logistics Support Software Solution, Mobile Compactor, Racking Storage System, Push Pull System Compactor And More.

About Us
Based in Mumbai, India, Kompress India Pvt. Ltd., is continuously working with the latest technology to enhance the quality of its products, i.e. material handling and storage solutions. We, as a manufacturer meet requirements of all the industries and provide supreme quality 
Mobile Compactor, Racking Storage System, Racking Storage, Mechanical Compactor, Steel Locker. We continuously endeavor to serve our customers with their specific and tailor-made requirements. Our 1989 established company serves the best-in-quality products. We thorough quality checks and test before delivery to ensure that our customers have the best value for money. Among our major clients, corporate, semi-government, public sector, and government units are our constant clients for availing efficient material handling and storage solutions. 

Quality Policy And Certifications

At Kompress India Pvt. Ltd., we focus to provide cost-effective and reliable solutions from the process of concept to commissioning. Our company motivates every team member to execute the task in the right manner. Close attention is laid to design, development and production line with modern customer needs. Our company implements a quality management system to continually improve performance and are committed to offering a range of products including Steel Locker, Mechanical Compactor, etc.


  • ISO 14001:2015 
  • ISO 45001:2018
  • ISO 50001:2018
  • BIFMAe3-2014e
  • SEMA